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Accounting we can trust M A T E U S

In addition to normal auditing and accounting activities, we have provided for several years a payroll service for companies having their own accounting and making appropriate recordings.

We offer the following services: Consulting for obtaining a Personal Identification Number (OIB), Obtaining a VAT ID number, VAT registration, VAT calculation, Communication with the Tax Administration, Submitting electronic forms

What is the best way to apply all provisions of an ocean of tax regulations? This is a question each taxpayer, including yourself, will ask. There is a number of laws regulating the area.

Expertise is a set of professional activities performed by an expert. It is provided to determine or additionally clarify a fact in accordance with the expert task.

Are you required by law to be audited or do you simply wish to have your company’s performance analyzed?

Accounting is the art of interpreting, measuring and integrating results of economic activities and has always been considered the language of business. The basic purpose of accounting is to provide decision-makers with information useful for their decisions.

The business of a non-profit organization is based on the principle of a sound financial management and controls, and the principle of publicity and transparency.

OnLine Accounting provides operating benefits. You are able to operate and have access to your accounts and financial position at any time 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 (366) days a year.

Do you feel your business has outgrown you? You have no control of your documents and working processes? You are not sure about how realistic and objective your financial statements are?



Canaan Ltd. has been using the services of Mateus’ expertise for years, and we have always received quality service. I recommend them all.

Davorin Striskovic, Director of General Affairs


Fit Studio “XS”

Great collaboration for years, all recommendations for this professional team.

Tanja Antolic, Director



“As an audit firm, we have particularly high requirements for professional bookkeeping. Our external bookkeeping must meet these standards, so with particular care we have chosen a partner to keep our business books. Selecting Mateus ensures that we do not think about the deadlines, accuracy or completeness of our records. We are confident that our bookkeeping is entrusted to a professional team with whom we have excellent cooperation.”

Koraljka Soušek, M.Sc., Director, Certified Auditor and Permanent Court Expert on Finance and Đurđica Stilin, M.Sc., Director, Certified Auditor and Permanent Court Expert on Finance


THEATER EXIT artistic organization

"We are an arts organization and a theatre, and we are focused on visions of artistic creation. For over ten years, Mateus has been taking care of our accounting and tax obligations. We are happy to express our satisfaction in this way. "

Matko Raguz, actor and director, artistic director



“Accounting is an important factor in decision making in every business entity. In order to make decisions fast and good, we needed accurate and efficient reporting at all times. We have been using the services of Mateus for over ten years. We have made sure that they have an expert team that can advise and monitor business changes at any time in accordance with the applicable regulations. "

Matej Vukmanič, Head of Branch



"We are a multi-country company. That's why we need accounting that can keep track of our business activities, and keep us informed on regulatory changes. Through many years of collaboration, Mateus is our trusted partner. Mateus is an accounting office that quickly and in a unique way follows our needs and requirements. "

Werner Schoißengeier, Director



"We are very pleased with Mateus' services, and are very happy to sign the reference list. Our collaboration began nineteen years ago and is more than professional. With full confidence, we trust Mateus with the processing of accounting data, and in addition to receiving first-class service, we also profited in the time we could spend on creative work. After all, as the saying goes: first-class employs first-class and second-class third-class. "

Tomislav Mrčić, B.Sc., Director



"The Mateus accounting office is a business partner of our company, and provides us with services related to payroll and other income. We are an international company that has high standards in business processes. Thanks to the maximum use of IT capabilities and quality service execution, we are grateful to Mateus for the many years of cooperation. "

Matea Komarac, B.Sc., Director of Finance



"From the first day of our business, we have given our bookkeeping to Mateus. We are pleased to call them our bookkeeping. Because of this, we can concentrate on our business without fear of not working in accordance to regulations. We receive important information through INFO, and we have quick and concise answers to additional questions. "

Natasa Beker, Director



"Mateus has helped us have a clear overview of the business, the information we need to get it fast and with high quality, as well as keep us advised. which is important to us because of frequent tax changes. We have fully entrusted Mateus with our accounting. We can recommend this to other entrepreneurs. "

Mario Pehnec, B.Sc. Eng., Director



“In the business world today quality is understood, but it is difficult to find business partners who are quality people as well as true professionals. We have been using Mateus’ services since our first day in business. Thanks to the technical equipment and the use of modern IT capabilities, we quickly reach the information we need to manage our business. With Mateus, we do our business without fear of violating applicable regulations and exceeding the deadlines for submitting documentation to competent institutions. "

Nataliya Marchuk, MBA, Director



“From the very beginning of our business cooperation, Mateus' team has shown high professionalism and knowledge. They do tax representation services in the Republic of Croatia for us, so we can solve our tax obligations without any problems. "

Mirza Skopljak, B.Sc., Accounting