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Why OnLine Accounting?

OnLine Accounting provides operating benefits. Regardless of whether or not you are subject to VAT and whether you are a for-profit (micro, small, medium-sized or large) enterprise or a not-for-profit (institutions, associations) entity, OnLine Accounting is based on using a single database, jointly, at the same time. This means only you and Mateus have access to your database.

You will have access to all necessary information at any time, regardless of who entered the data (one of your employees or someone in Mateus). By using the OnLine Accounting software, all information you need to conduct your business successfully is immediately available.

What does OnLine Accounting enable?

By using the OnLine Accounting software:
  • you are able to operate and have access to your accounts and financial position at any time 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 (366) days a year;;
  • whenever it may be convenient for you, you can enter and print issued invoices, delivery notes, calculations, work orders and other business documents (travel orders, use of private vehicles, treasury report...);
  • your operating costs will be reduced;
  • you will no longer need to deliver any documents to Mateus (multiple benefits: environmental – less paper; time-related – saves time; and financial – no need to drive and park);
  • entering a received document makes the payment details for Netbanking ready - no need to reenter such information;
  • you are able to operate several warehouses for products (wholesale, retail) and production materials;
  • you are able to run a fiscalized retail business..

How is the OnLine Accounting service provided?

The OnLine Accounting software may be accessed from any computer with internet access. You must be our registered user. Technically (and financially), you do not need your own server, backup, etc.

We jointly review the situation and agree which information you want to monitor, what you need to conduct your business, and who will prepare and enter each type of document. Based on the scope and type of documentation, Mateus provides controlling, bookkeeping and tax accounting services, provides you with assistance, and prepares the required reports for you.

This is why we take full responsibility for the following statement:
  • we provide full support to your business;
  • we allow you to use your time rationally;
  • we contribute to saving your money.

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