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In addition to normal auditing and accounting activities, we have provided for several years a payroll service for companies having their own accounting and making appropriate recordings.

Why is this payroll approach interesting for a company that has its own accounting?

There are several answers to this question. Sometimes it only takes one. Here are some possible ‘’right’’ answers:
  • security and confidentiality - Mateus takes responsibility for inaccurate accounts and you can rely on absolute confidentiality of salaries because only the responsible person in the company knows the amounts of salaries;
  • professionalism - payroll and other personal income accounting is a complex task subject to various statutory changes, so it is easier for an accounting firm to have several specialists for this than it is for a company;
  • lower costs - in modern market economies, we have witnessed increasing outsourcing for the purpose of cutting costs. Payroll tasks in a company must be performed by a person qualified for them, but also adequately remunerated. The cost of such person is not merely his/her net salary, but also all taxes and contributions and costs prescribed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement or Employment Policy, Christmas bonus and holiday allowance, transport to and from work, annual holiday, actually possible sick leave, training, professional literature, IT solutions and other incidental costs;
  • time saving - you can use your precious time to expand your business;
  • availability - continuously operating year-round, Mateus is available to perform all obligations assumed.
We offer three models depending on a company’s needs:

1. Classic – a classic payroll model with electronic payroll package delivery

2. Medium –Classic Model plus additional authority to access to your net banking for preparation of all payments, but without authorization to make any payments

3. Premium – 100% payroll confidentiality: let us handle all the work regarding accounting, payments and submission of legally required forms. 

This model could be referred to as ‘’peace of mind’’. There is no possibility that any information on the amount of a salary could leak and thus no possibility of poor interpersonal relations (‘’I work more, but get less money’’). Only the authorized person is aware of the amount of a salary paid. 

Bookkeeping staff of the customer have no access to the amount of each salary and make appropriate recordings on the basis of a joint recapitulation; Whether you have a payroll department organized or intend to organize it, please feel free to contact us and we will review your needs together and suggest a model that best suits your company’s requirements.

In addition to regular employee payroll, we also provide
  • Salary in kind accounting,
  • OOther personal income accounting,
  • Service fee accounting,
  • Foreign income accounting,
  • Registration and termination of employees

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