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Have you heard the story of the lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper?

The lighthouse keeper worked hard every single day in taking good care of the lighthouse. He was responsible for the light emitting out of it, the light which shines in the dark and shows the way to the boats sailing in the night. The lighthouse keeper often wondered how much the work he does is actually important. However, he knew that if he doesn’t turn on the light the boats will get stranded on the nearby rocks, and that’s something he never wanted to allow to happen. He knew his friends laughed at him behind his back when he chose that job, but for him it wasn’t just a job; it was a calling. It was an honour to serve the boats and to ensure them the safe travel during the dark nights. Even though the boats know nothing of the lighthouse keeper, they know they need the lighthouse operated by a conscientious lighthouse keeper.

Accounting is much like the lighthouse, and a conscientious accountant who is knowledgeable is equally as important to the entrepreneurs as a conscientious lighthouse keeper is to the boats.

We are MATEUS – a lighthouse keeper for the small and medium companies.

Precise, diligent and on time for 30 years, we inform our clients about all legal changes that directly affect the entrepreneurs and their business in the Republic of Croatia, and in this way, we help to illuminate the dark night in which they could find themselves.

We are MATEUS – a professional team of certified accountants, certified commercial auditors and court experts in finance. We are professionals with an affinity and love for work and our profession, a happy and skilful combination of experience and youth, with an average of 20 years of work experience


A reliable partner to small and medium-sized enterprises providing auditing, accounting, tax, and financial and organizational consultancy services. All this is based on principles of business excellence, security, reliability and timely information. The purpose of our services is to support clients’ management and provide security to their shareholders. Our services are the most efficient parameter for successful management of their companies.


Constantly improve our business to enable provision of new services to our clients who will benefit from them, with the best value for money. Constantly strive for improving the quality of our services. Use innovative procedures to enable transparent monitoring of our tasks.


Report to clients on detected business trends, analyze their business and provide guidelines for further business decisions. Permanently educate our clients to raise their awareness of the importance of accounting data and their efficiency in making timely business decisions. Provide permanent professional training for our employees.


To dare: that is the price of progress!
– Victor Hugo
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Tel: +385 1 6311 140
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