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Accounting is the art of interpreting, measuring and integrating results of economic activities and has always been considered the language of business.

The basic purpose of accounting is to provide decision-makers with information useful for their business decisions.
For most small and medium-sized enterprises, outsourcing an accounting firm is the most cost-effective option. Such arrangement eliminates the need to employ a tax advisor, competent accountants or persons to communicate with various government institutions.

There are no costs of IT support for the accounting function and no costs of professional staff training, which is necessary, if nothing else, for constant changes to tax regulations.

The total cost of an in-house competent team that is able to fulfill all accounting needs of an enterprise exceeds by far the cost of hiring Mateus.

Thanks to our professional experience and our competent team, we provide our accounting services through two departments.

One department deals with enterprises established by Croatian citizens, and the other one is for foreign enterprises with which we communicate in English and Italian and prepare all reports bilingually.

Let us organize and manage your accounting while you focus on developing your business.

We provide accounting services for:
  • Corporations
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Institutions
As agreed with them, we perform the following tasks for our customers:
  • develop accounting policies and charts of accounts
  • keep accounts
  • value added tax
  • payrolland other personal income accounting
  • prepare monthly reports according to customer's requirements and methodology (management report)
  • prepare statistical report
  • prepare annual financial statements and notes to be published

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