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Mateus knjigovodstvene usluge

In addition to normal auditing and accounting activities, we have provided for several years a payroll service for companies having their own accounting and making appropriate recordings.

We offer the following services: Consulting for obtaining a Personal Identification Number (OIB), Obtaining a VAT ID number, VAT registration, VAT calculation, Communication with the Tax Administration, Submitting electronic forms

What is the best way to apply all provisions of an ocean of tax regulations? This is a question each taxpayer, including yourself, will ask. There is a number of laws regulating the area.

Expertise is a set of professional activities performed by an expert. It is provided to determine or additionally clarify a fact in accordance with the expert task.

Are you required by law to be audited or do you simply wish to have your company’s performance analyzed?

Accounting is the art of interpreting, measuring and integrating results of economic activities and has always been considered the language of business. The basic purpose of accounting is to provide decision-makers with information useful for their decisions.

The business of a non-profit organization is based on the principle of a sound financial management and controls, and the principle of publicity and transparency.

OnLine Accounting provides operating benefits. You are able to operate and have access to your accounts and financial position at any time 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 (366) days a year.

Do you feel your business has outgrown you? You have no control of your documents and working processes? You are not sure about how realistic and objective your financial statements are?