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Business consultancy


Do you feel your business has outgrown you? You have no control of your documents and working processes? You are not sure about how realistic and objective your financial statements are?

Statistics show that over fifty percent of all businesses go under within the first ten years of operation. The main reason is a lack of habitual business planning and analysis. Planning, analysis and plan execution significantly increases your chances of surviving in the harsh market conditions.

Why is it necessary to put in efforts and write a business plan? There are at least three reasons:

  1. critical and unemotional consideration of the entire project;
  2. helping you manage your business successfully;
  3. presenting your idea to other people (e.g. a lender).

Business Consultancy

  • suggestions for corporate organization
  • establishing business control
  • selecting accounting staff

Advising accounting employees in other companies

  • assistance and control in preparation of basic financial statements
  • resolving doubts in recording of business events
  • advising in resolution of disputes with government auditors
  • training employees in accounting

Advising in organization of accounting tasks

  • surveying the situation
  • document flowchart
  • selecting the appropriate software support
  • employee training

Advising in organization of working processes

  • surveying the situation
  • assistance in document flow development
  • assistance in selecting a purposeful IT solution