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Court expert services


Expertise is a set of professional activities performed by an expert. It is provided to determine or additionally clarify a fact in accordance with the expert task.

The Rules for Certified Court Experts define how court experts work. They also regulate the requirements for working as a court expert, court experts rights and duties and their fees and reimbursements.

A financial court expert must meet a number of requirements, the most important being:

  • education
  • demonstrated experience of several years in the area for which he/she is applying
  • completed professional education
  • ongoing training
  • physical capacity
  • insurance against court expert’s professional liability
  • no criminal record

An independent expert often needs to be engaged in court disputes to assess the accuracy of parties claims professionally.

Court expert’s work is a key part of a court or investigative process and his/her finding often determines the further course of such process, its initiation or even the verdict in case of an opinion sought during the process.

Our court experts have years of experience in providing financial and accounting expertise.